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About Us

Lexorsoft is one of the most popular and pioneer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies located in the Philippines.

The company has been on the Internet marketing business since September 1, 2008 and we already served thousands of happy and satisfied customers and business owners on the Internet.

We are focusing on effective and efficient white hat link building strategies to make sure that your business will reach the top spot on search engine rankings.

We understand the needs and wants of our clients and we know that top quality SEO strategies are very important to help companies reach their goal. Our company is made up of SEO and Writing professionals that will help you reach your goals faster than you imagined.


Link Building Services

Do you need back links? Sure you do everyone who has online business need back links to push their website to the top of search engine result. Having a good looking site, high quality content is not enough to reach your prospect audience and will not ensure that you rank right away in search engines.

Still you need a back link to show to search engines that your site have vote from other site owners. You have a link building technique in mind but you do not have time to do it yourself? Because link building is a time consuming job, I have been there, this is the reason why I started lexorsoft.net.

Let us do the dirty work for you. Our staff at lexorsoft.net are well trained and experience to do all known link building techniques to improve your website ranking in search engines. All link building is done manually to ensure the accuracy or our works. We will provide detailed report while the task is in progress and completed.

Here is the list of link building tasks available in our member′s area

Private Blog Network

PBN or Private Blog Network is one of the most guarded and effective SEO technique used by known SEO experts for so long now.

Some may hate us if they learned that we are offering the said service publicly, because I my self also is afraid that this technique may abused.

But as a member of LexorSoft.Net you are able to request this task to boost your backlink juice 3 to 5 times than any other backlink strategy you have been used before.

How PBN works?

Social Media Marketing

With the popularity of social media, search engines are now including social signals on their SERP algorithms. We at lexorsoft.net are now providing different kind of social media tasks that you can request to increase your social media exposure.

All our in house staff are well trained and experience to do social marketing work. The good news is that we are charging cheaper than other company.

Article Writing Services

Philippines is a non-English speaking country, but they are the best English speakers out of all non-English countries. This is the reason why many foreign companies prefer to hire Filipinos. This is also the reason why many online marketers choose Filipino freelancers as their VA. English subject is a part of the Philippine curriculum from primary schooling up to College.

This makes our writers qualified as good article writers. If you are looking for an article with good quality with affordable price, lexorsoft article writing service is your best choice. This service will help you whether you need an article for your blog, website or for marketing purposes.

Full Time Virtual Assistant

Lexorsoft was first known for offering fulltime outsourcing services even before it introduced lexorsoft.net’s credit system. We’ve been serving hundreds of internet marketers to further optimize their online business.

With our fulltime virtual assistant service, you will get a smart-working and well-trained staff that will work for you 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. All our VA can follow any instruction from clients that will be assigned to them. They can even provide suggestions to their respective clients. They have their own initiative to make sure that their clients will get the most of what they are doing.

  • You can choose one of the following Virtual Assistant:
  • SEO Virtual Assistant
  • Article Writer Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry,
  • WordPress Administrator
  • Script Tester
  • What can you expect from your VA?
  • He/she will work for you exclusively
  • You will receive daily report from him/her
  • You can contact or send instruction to him/her during work hours (8AM - 5PM +8GMT)

An in-house supervisor will monitor your VA to ensure that he/she is
doing what you instructed him/her to do.

Travis Sago Love Lexorsoft

More Services Inside Members Area

Inside the members area of lexorsoft.net you can also request the following tasks.


"Ive been using lexorsoft's service for over 12 months now, including many jobs creating extensive sites using php and database to my specific instrustions. These have been created with no fuss and excellent results.

I have used lexorsoft's staff for many varied projects and have been more than satisfied with the work performed and the cost charged. To date I would be close to the 2000 hours work completed by his staff and cannot recommend them highly enough.

The best thing about lexorsoft's service is this. I come up with an Idea, contact Ed, he understands my strange ideas instantly and they are started that very day, excellent service."

Peter Drew


I am an online business entrepreneur and also run an online marketing agency based in the UK (Mint Online Marketing).

I have used Lexorsoft services for over 3 years and they have never, ever let me down. I tried numerous offshore outsourcing solutions prior to Lexorsoft and was never satisfied.

Lexorsoft staff are very knowledgeable, very efficient and very professional. They are also extremely polite and pleasant which matters! Whether you are looking at buying credits to use for individual tasks or hiring a VA you will not be disappointed.

Highly recommended, a real hidden gem.

Richard Best

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