Full Time Virtual Assistant

Full Time Virtual Assistant

Lexorsoft was first known for offering fulltime outsourcing services even before it introduced lexorsoft.net’s credit system. We’ve been serving hundreds of internet marketers to further optimize their online business.

With our fulltime virtual assistant service, you will get a smart-working and well-trained staff that will work for you 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.
All our VA can follow any instruction from clients that will be assigned to them. They can even provide suggestions to their respective clients. They have their own initiative to make sure that their clients will get the most of what they are doing.

What can you expect from your VA?

  • He/she will work for you exclusively
  • You will receive daily report from him/her
  • You can contact or send instruction to  him/her during work hours (8AM – 5PM +8GMT)
  • An in-house supervisor will monitor your VA to ensure that he/she is doing what you instructed him/her to do.

You can choose one of the following Virtual Assistant:

  • SEO Virtual Assistant
  • Article Writer Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry, WordPress Administrator and Script Tester

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